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St. Francis Sales School is an educational institution run and managed by the congregation of the DSFS Sisters (Daughters of St. Francis De Sales). DSFS congregation is founded by Fr. Charles Cavina inspired by the spirit and thought of the great saint St. Francis Sales. The congregation which started in Italy established one of its branches at Kalluvettankuzhi, Vizhinjam in 1975. Moved by the charism of the congregation “Education of the youth”, they started a nursery and there after an LP School in 1989 to cater to the educational needs of the local community. Later, there was a great demand from parents to upgrade the school as they wanted their wards to continue their education in SFS School. Therefore, the management decided to upgrade the school to secondary level. Thus the dream of St. Francis Sales secondary school became a reality in 1995.

To introduce classes under Central Board of Secondary Education stream, new buildings were constructed and composite affiliation was obtained in 1998. Rev. Sr. Leena Mylackal was the first principal of the school. The first batch of students appeared for the CBSE Board Examination – in the year 2000. The school was upgraded to Senior Secondary level in the year 2007 with streams: Bio –Maths, Comp – Maths and Bio – Comp. The first batch of XII appeared for the Board Examination in the year 2009. Commerce stream was introduced with due approval from CBSE during the year 2016-17 and the students appeared for class XII examination in March 2018.

The School applied for British Council – International School Accreditation and presented the action plan for seven projects in 2017. The action plans were approved and all the seven projects were accomplished during the year 2017-18 and the Dossier was presented before the British Council in the month of February. The School was awarded with British Council International School Award 2018 - 21 in May 2018. Thus, we are a school of immense amenities and our students received a global dimension and experience altogether.

It is a proud aspect that, Our School has maintained a remarkable progress in establishing a rhythm in the academic as well as co-curricular activities of the young aspirants.


Daughters of St. Francis de Sales is a missionary Congregation of Religious sisters’ who are active in the field of education, social work and care of the sick and elderly. The Congregation was founded by Servant of God Fr. Charles Cavina. Drawing inspiration from their founder, DSFS sisters engage themselves in various apostolic activities.

The tiny DSFS plant which took root in Lugo spread its branches to different parts of Italy and to countries like Brazil, England, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Philippines, South Africa and Tanzania. The mother house is in Italy and the Superior General is Rev Mother Phina Kuruvila. The Congregation began its first house in India at Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram District. The sisters work in many states of India as educators, social workers, nurses, caring mothers for the elderly, orphans, and differently abled children and as catechetical instructors. The Headquarters of the Indian Province is in Bangalore and Rev .Sr. Celin Kunnel is the present Provincial Superior.

Our School Managing Committee :

Sr. Phina Kuruvila
Sr. Dr. Lisa Therese
Sr. Vincy Puthenpurackal
Sr. Soumya

The school functioning is controlled and assessed in a hierarchical pattern.

Our School Manager Rev. Sr. Soumya, Principal Rev. Sr. Vincy Puthenpurackal, Vice principal Rev. Sr. Anu Scaria, Headmistress Rev. Sr. Jessy constitutes the administrative body of the school.


DSFS congregation’s priority is “Education of the youth”. This leads to the establishment of an educational institution at Kalluvettankuzhi, Vizhinjam. The school started as a nursery and developed to LP school in 1989. Later in 1995 upgraded to secondary level and in 2007 SFS School was upgraded to senior secondary level. The founder of DSFS congregation is Fr. Charles Cavina who was inspired by the thoughts of Great Saint St. Francis De Sales who is the patron of SFS School.

Our Patron - St. Francis De Sales( 1567 - 1622 )

Francis De Sales, the patron saint of the congregation of the Daughters of St. Francis de Sales and the patron of our school, was a 16th century French saint, renowned for his holiness and scholarship. He was the Bishop of Geneva. As a Bishop he was well known for his captivating orations and sermons in the church. By practice he became profoundly gentle in his personality, which made him to win the title ‘Gentleman saint’. Endowed with the gift of genuine love for God and humanity, he managed to attract many people to a way of life that ensured moral and religious soundness.

In his personal life he practiced the gospel values to their core. He authored two spiritual classics – ‘Introduction to devout life’ and the ‘Treaties on the Llove of God’. He is also known as the ‘Patron of Journalists’. The Catholic Church had accorded him with the honor “Doctor of the Church” in view of his saintliness, schlarship and for his valuable contributions in terms of spiritual literature. This versatile personality is truly a rich source of inspiration and is a beacon in our ongoing journey.

Our Founder: Fr. CARLO CAVINA

Fr. Carlo Cavina was a Parish priest and Rector of a minor seminary in Lugo (Italy) who served for the education of the girls by providing them religious, moral and technical education in 1872. The faith formation and catechetical education and teaching of Christian values to the young and adults were the main concern of Fr. Charles Cavina. This lead to the formation of DSFS congregation. He instructed his daughters to be tender mothers to all, to be women inflamed by love of God.


S.F.S School is a nurturing ground for an individualistic development. To attain the same we, provide a conducive atmosphere for intellectual development, facilitate conviction based spiritual transition, nurture a sense of the divine, extend integral education, encourage sports, games and arts, promote environmental consciousness, help appreciate the cultural values, promote the marginalized, provide authentic leadership training and thus equip the younger generation with the vital life skills to become agents of social change and promoters of universal brotherhood.

As a DSFS Educating Community, we commit ourselves to

• Provide a conducive atmosphere for quality, academic and cultural education
• Nurture a sense of the Divine
• Ensure integral, personal development
• Promote environmental consciousness and aesthetic sensitivity

Educate to appreciate, preserve and enhance our nation’s culture and heritage. Inculcate religious tolerance and universal brotherhood.


We endeavour to mould each student to an integrated human personality endowed with moral, cultural, social and spiritual values for the promotion of a better world, where love, service and fellowship prevail as shown by St. Francis De Sales and Fr. Carlo Cavina.

Aim and Objectives

• S F S School uniquely stands for the highest standards and quality in the pursuit of knowledge and its concretization.
• It promotes academic excellence through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
• It always strives for an all-round development of the child's personality.
• It tries to inculcate in every child a harmonious human relationship and to create a sense of social belonging through social outreach programme.
• It designs their future aptitudes and promotes a “ work culture” in perfect freedom and cordially.


“As far as concerned with our vision to mould each student to a holistic human personality endowed with moral, cultural, social and spiritual values for the promotion of a better world in the spirit and style of St. Francis de Sales and Fr. Carlo Cavina, SFS School puts premium on academic honesty. A student’s academic requirements should be sincere and need an honest approach towards his or her work on knowledge. School recognizes value of genuine concern for the environment. Students are also encouraged to observe practices that put this value in action. Students need to observe and practice courtesy and loyalty towards society, person and self.”



Wisdom is not an invention of schooling but of the ultimate attempt to acquire. So SFS is opting knowledge as our main theme to enhance lifelong encroachment.

Service shows the objective of the Education imparted must be such that it helps a child to know himself, to discover his talent, to accept his limitations and be creative in his own individual way.

For the students who enter the portals of St. Francis de Sales School, knowledge attained must develop a humane attitude in them. The skills acquired must not only spell success to them, but also lead them to offer their service for the betterment of the society. In this, they do charity to their fellow beings, leading to a communion with God. Faith in God.’ ‘Concern for the welfare of others,’ and where education is concerned ‘Education of the Human Heart.’

These have formed the foundation upon which the Fransalian Mission has set its goals. Out of this came ‘knowledge, service, Love,’ which is not only the motto of this school but the firm goals it has set for itself.


"There are countless lessons to be learned in SFS, but for every new student who enters school, it helps to remember these three tips to have a productive, fulfilling, and fun-filled journey as a student."


"You are here because you want to know more about the world as much as about yourself. You are here because you are pursuing a dream. And you can start by being true to yourself, recognizing your talents, and developing these, so that you will become a genuine resource for God and country."


"Stars are best remembered not in isolation, but as part of constellation. A stellar performance is often acheived because of the collective efforts of individuals who gave their best and worked as a team. Explore your potentials, build friendship, and learn the value of teamwork."


"Build your future portfolio as you explore various avenues for growth. Multidisciplinary and collaborative undertakings will develop in you, the values, knowldge and skills needed in your future career."


We believe, everyone deserves a safe, supportive, and orderly learning environment. We encourage appropriate behavior; by teaching, guiding, directing, and providing opportunities, for new learning to occur.

We create opportunities for students to practice and succeed in making responsible and effective choices in order to reach their academic potential and contribute to the school.

Student’s Grievance

A grievance refers to any controversy between a student as the aggrieved party and a member of the academic panel as respondent that may be the cause of a complaint. A grievance may be informal or formal. A grievance made orally is considered informal. Only when a grievance is reduced into writing and duly signed does it become a formal complaint. An informal grievance should be settled informally, while a formal grievance complaint should be settled formally, following a set of procedures. A grievance may be academic or behavioral. An academic grievance is one, that arises from any controversy related to learning or to performance in academic courses while a behavioral grievance is one, that arises from the manner a person conducts himself/herself.

Students of SFS are given the right to air their grievance against any member of the academic session. Grievances are best settled through sincere dialogue and discussion between the parties to a grievance, befitting a Panel Authority. Formal grievance may be pursued only as a last resort, after efforts for direct discussion and meditation have been exhausted through informal grievance proceedings.

Tata ClassEdge

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Macmillan Publishers

As academic partners, MacMillan provides qualitative support to the school by initiating workshops and orientation sessions for the staff, parents and students. They provide us with renowned resource persons to help our teachers to be well set for the academic year and motivate the students to be good listeners and thereby good leaners.

Our Management

We are a team of dedicated personnel, ready to do what ever it takes to make our school best in quality of education

Rev. Sr. Phina Kuruvila

Mother General

Rev Sr. Dr. Lisa Therese


Rev. Sr. Vincy Puthenpurackal

Sr. Anu Scaria

Sr. Anu Scaria

Vice Principal

Rev. Sr. Soumya


Sr. Jessy

Head Mistress