Welcome to SFS Senior Secondary School


Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi

In our school we maintain different departments like Dept: of English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Social Science, Commerce, Physical Education and Arts. To assess the students’ performance of different classes constant meetings are arranged. Department meetings are conducted to plan out the academic activities for the academic year and constant reviews are done by the Head of the Department.

Department of English

  1. Mrs. Anitha Krishnan L.
  2. Mr. Harikrishnan R.S.
  3. Ms. Deepthi

Department of Malayalam

  1. Mrs. Sindhu Kishore
  2. Mrs. Preetha P.S.

Department of Hindi

  1. Mrs. Manju V.I.
  2. Mrs. Bindhu Devi K.

Department of Mathematics

  1. Mrs. Raji R.
  2. Mrs. Shiba Ramesh
  3. Mrs. Sheena C.S.
  4. Mrs. Bindhu S.
  5. Mr. Aniljith

Department of Physics

  1. Mrs. Lekshmi K.G.
  2. Mrs. Reshmi A.

Department of Chemistry

  1. Mrs. Usha Kumari V.
  2. Mrs. Deepa Elizabeth John
  3. Mrs. Sheeba M.P.

Department of Biology

  1. Mrs. Mayalekshmi G.
  2. Mrs. Rajeswari Martin
  3. Mrs. Reshmi P.J.

Department of Social Science

  1. Sr. Anu Scaria
  2. Mr. Nishad N.U.

Department of Computer Science

  1. Mr. Kiran S.S.
  2. Mrs. Josi
  3. Mrs. Swapna

Department of Physical Education

  1. Mr. Akhil

Department of Commerce

  1. Mr. Nishant P.Nair
  2. Ms. Devika


  1. Mr. Sivarajan V.S.

LP Section is handled by the following staff members:

  1. Mrs. Shyja. H
  2. Mrs. Sherine Davidson
  3. Mrs. Jeena Lenic
  4. Mrs. Shani.J
  5. Mrs. Simi.V S
  6. Mrs. Rejitha R N
  7. Mrs. Tittu Mol.A.I
  8. Mrs. Arya Chandran

School Office Staff:

The school administration department is headed by Rev. Sr. Anila who controls the campus care facility, finance as well as proper maintenance of infrastructure. Office administration handles by Mrs. Sudha S, Mrs. Mercy, Mr. Midhun, and Mrs. Radhika.

The house hold activities of the school are maintained by assisting staffs and two security guards are appointed to control the traffic and visitors at the school gate.